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Science Education Today Usually Does Not Focus on Practical Application, But Instead, Relies Heavily only on theoretical instruction, expecting students to remember concepts word by word. In order to thrive in the competitive and tech-savvy world, we need a science education that has a practice-based approach.

How Will Science Lab Help Students?
Science Lab follows a Four-Stage Experiential Leaming Cycle and Helps in Understanding Abstract Concepts and Applying Them to Real- life Situations. With the Hands-on Approach of Science Lab, Students Develop Critical-Thinking Skills and Learn Faster and Better.
Science Lab has a Great Combination of Activities and Simulations that Stimulate Scientific Curiosity in Students. The NCERT- Prescribed Experiments Conducted Step-Wise in a Virtual Setup help Students Explore Different Aspects of a Topic. Science Lab Also Contains Computer-Based Activities With Which Students Can Reinforce the Concepts Learnt in Class and Relate them to their Daily lives.

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