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Mathematics is an Important Subject, Not Just in School but Throughout life. The Abstract Nature of Mathematical Concepts Makes it Difficult for Students to Relate to it or Understand it.
Rote learning Will Definitely not help Students in learning this subject. Moreover, expectations from parents and the inability to cope with the pace of Instruction in class often generates stress in students.
For mathematical education to be effective, we need a method of instruction that is based on real-life scenarios with scope for practical application. It needs to have an interdisciplinary and hands-on approach to be more effective.
MathsLab addresses all these challenges and the modules are designed in such a way that it removes the fear of Mathematics in students.

How does MathsLab help students?

The whole objective of Maths Lab is to remove the fear of Maths in students. With 200+ real-life scenarios and 1000+ story-based activities, students can easily understand complex Mathematical concepts. With 200+ hands-on and paper- cutting activities, and 40+ hands-on Manipulatives and digital video content, it makes the subject easy to understand.

MathsLab takes a gamified approach which introduces the fun element, boosting student motivation. An adaptive method is also employed in MathsLab, allowing students to progress across different levels of difficulty at their own pace.Thamso

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